Moving to Tonle Bati

Leaving Phnom Penh

In 2013 we were faced with an important decision, the lease of the building where the school was housed was due to expire in 2015. The option was to either close the school for the foreseeable future or source a new location for Seametrey. The latter prevailed and Seametrey is now located in Tonle Bati, 30km South of Phnom Penh. On this large piece of land we have much more space for the children and room to grow the school.

The new Seametrey Children’s Village outside of the hustle and busstle of Phnom Penh opened first with just the nursery, taking students from the local village. By December 2015 our facilities grew to 8 classrooms and we have a fully functionaing primary school accepting 180 students.


As of April 2016, the school is now fitted with three swimming pools, a football pitch, a volleyball court, a basketball court, a music room and dance studio and many more. The future for Seametrey Children’s Village looks very promising with the sports facilities turning into a Leisure Centre for the public during the weekends and holidays. We strive to be self-sufficient within the foreseeable future. The transition is hard though. We need help to get us through during that period.