The Montessori Approach

Urgent note to my parents
Don’t ask me to do what I can’t do
Only ask me to do what I can
Don’t ask me to be what I can’t be
Only ask me to be what I am
Don’t one minute say “Be a big girl”
And the next “You’re too little for that”
Please don’t ask me to be where I can’t be
Please be happy with right where I am at
Poem by Hiawyn Oram
This poem illustrates one of the Montessori’s principles – let the child lead you. Each child is a seed. It has its own agenda, will grow at its own pace and will be what it will be. Our task is one of the gardener’s to help the seed grow and blossom into the best tree. Forcing a child to do or learn something before he/she is ready will build up frustrations and, if the child cannot achieve what is expected of him/her, will leave the child with a sense of failure. With the right approach, more in tune with the child’s development, any child can learn and achieve.
Before becoming a worldwide acclaimed educator, Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was the first Italian woman to receive a medical degree. When she became involved in teaching, the educational method she used was so successful that she dedicated the rest of her life to education and devised a teaching method which became famous worldwide. A true Montessori method is gentle, child friendly and child centered. It develops in children the powers of reasoning, imagination and creativity through activities initiated by them which involve exploration, manipulation, order, repetition, abstraction and communication. Montessori materials are designed to challenge the child’s imagination and help him think. Children develop a love for learning and the ability to learn independently. These are keys to a lasting success in later school years. Children also learn to care and share thus developing grace, courtesy and social skills which will make them successful in life.
Seametrey Children’s Village is a true Montessori school in its spirit, mission and method. The curriculum includes sensorial education, practical life, literacy, mathematics, art and craft and cultural subjects. We create opportunities for each child to develop at his own pace without pressure. Children are assisted, not directed, by loving adults. The Director, Muoy You, is a fully qualified Montessori teacher trained at Montessori Centre International in London with extensive experience in education. She is assisted by a wonderful team of international and Khmer staff.
We believe social skills, self-confidence, self-esteem are the most important things at this age, which must be nurtured. Children will acquire these qualities through truly cross-cultural, experience sharing and practical learning. The staff members are true educators, role models with good manners, warm, caring and sharing.