How it all started

Muoy You, Director and Founder of Seametrey Children’s Village

Born, raised and educated  in Cambodia, I left for postgraduate studies in France with a scholarship from the French Government in 1972. When the Khmer Rouge came to power on 17th April 1975 and sealed the country, newly married, I and my husband started our life in exile, leaving France to go and work in Sudan, the Ivory Coast and Qatar, raising four children and waiting for an opportunity to go back home.



In 1997, I came to Cambodia to open a bilingual primary school. The political events in July of that year made the project fall through. For the sake of my children I had to leave Cambodia again. I decided to quit teaching teenagers and university students to acquire valuable experience in primary and nursery schools. Working with very young children has convinced me that early education is crucial in shaping and changing society.

Working in a Montessori school in London made me fall in love with the approach which is so similar to my own ideas and aspiration. I realised I was a Montessorian without knowing it. I realised also our traditional way of raising babies respecting their natural patterns and needs was essentially Montessorian. I decided to take up the course and trained at Montessori International London.