Fundraising for the school

In anticipation of the school having to vacate its rented premises in July 2015,  Muoy You launched three campaigns on over three years to raise funds to build the new school in the present location in Chambork Trop Village.

All three campaigns exceeded our wildest expectations.  We collected enough funds to build the Nursery school, a  building for the primary school and the three swimming pools. The rest was built with the surplus from the second and third fundraisers, donations from Cambodia Swiss Education Funds, l’ Association des Femmes d’Europe in Belgium, Mira Scholars Foundation and Friends of Cambodia in the US, fees paid by volunteers from all over the world and  Muoy You’s personal funds. No words are adequate to describe our gratitude to all our Indiegogo contributors, our donors and our volunteers. Without them, our dream would not have come true.

These are the links to our three campaigns on Indiegogo between 2012 and 2015.

Indiegogo Phase 1:

Indiegogo Phase 2:

Indiegogo Phase 3 :

Our on-going fundraiser (October 2016)