Located in the beautiful village of Tonle Bati and sitting adjacent to the lake, some 30km outside Cambodia’s capital, the school boasts beautifully designed, naturally ventilated buildings and a number of fantastic leisure facilities.


The playground, featured in the centre of the school grounds, is equipped with swings, slides, ropes, a tunnel, and other climbing equipment to keep the children active and busy. We also have a football field and a large skate park with skateboards and padded protection all available and accessible for students. An ox cart is on display to connect the children with  Khmer culture and tradition so that they  feel proud of their culture.


We have three swimming pools of varying sizes. These are used in conjunction with sports lessons to teach the children to swim. The sports facilities are opened to the public on weekends and holidays  to generate revenues to sustain the school. For $1 local people can come and enjoy the pools in the afternoon from 3.30pm when school is finished.

 Seametrey will gradually expand to have further classrooms, a library, a computer suite. Our aim is to have boarding facilities for students, a secondary school and much much more.