The school follows the Khmer curriculum from the Ministry of Education with a top up in English and general knowledge. In the future French will be added as a third language.

What do students learn and how?

The nursery children learn to speak and interact in English from the very beginning, we do not pressure them to write or read. What we do is to teach them to be aware of phonemes.

At around five, children begin their reading curve, starting with the alphabet, going on to blend two sounds, then three sounds. By five and six children can read three letter words. Between six and seven the emphasis is on reading competency. At the same time, children start to write. The guiding principle in teaching literacy is that children should face one challenge at a time.

Mathematics are taught using the Montessori apparatus to build a solid foundation for mathematical concepts. It is easy for children to recite numbers by rote. Understanding the concepts is an entirely different matter. The Montessori apparatus makes learning numbers easy and enjoyable. It is amazing how fast our six year olds grasp numbers up to thousands and can add and subtract three, four figure numbers.

After lunch and a nap the afternoons are filled with more structured specific activities. These include a science experiment, games, cooking, art and crafts, and swimming lessons.

Children are taught all major subjects – Maths, Science, Cultural Subjects. Besides academic subjects, students also have Arts and Crafts, Dancing, Swimming, Music, Sports, and Cooking classes.

At any one time we can have between ten and twenty volunteers. During our summer holiday months we provide an excellent Summer Programme founded on the work of our volunteers from the University of Leeds in UK.

Both our Nursery classes and Primary classes are looked after by a number of trained teachers, assistant teachers, and international volunteers. As Seametrey is bilingual it is vital we have a healthy mix of both Cambodian and international staff. Children learn English without pressure. They are not forbidden to speak their mother tongue and make to perceive their heritage is worthless.